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Future muItifunctionaI inteIIigent street Iamp

Future muItifunctionaI inteIIigent street Iamp

Product features:

four functional groups,multi-functional intelligent module:

Intelligent charging pile,LED billboard,intelligent lighting,dynamic camera,Air quality monitoring,temperature and humidity monitoring,noise monitoring,RFID,urban WIFI,Congestion information indication,emergency call,roadside parking charge,Smart haze removal,smart cooling,smart irrigation system.
Unique fashion and modern framework,multi-functional intelligent module system Future culture identification,high adaptability urban landscape.
LED smart advertising platform compensation hardware investment.
Full modular layout,flexible to meet different needs.
The rational design of structural strength and appearance has become a landscape in modern city.

Product Image

Product App Iication

  • parks
  • courtyards
  • streets aquares
  • scenic spots
  • business
  • districts

Basic Parameters

Service Iife: > 50000H

Frequency range: 50/60Hz

Working environment temperature: -25~50℃

InitiaIIumi nousfIux: 16000 (lm) /26000(lm)

Product app Iication: parks,courtyards,streets aquares,scenic spots,business,districts


 Product model
Number of light sourcesLamp powerInput voltageLight colorColor temperatureOutgoing Angle

Note: the above listed common Angle, illuminance value is for reference only, the value is 3000K white, other colors or color temperature slightly deviation。




The lamp height can be specified, which is suitabIe for various  appIications. The functionaI modules inside the module can also beflexibly  selected according to requirements to form different IeveIs of pricesystems.

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